Galliagh Concerned Residents Group

Message of Support 

The Galliagh Concerned Residents Group would like to take this opportunity to state our full support for the community at Ballynagard in the Culmore area of the city and the residents of West End Park/Elmwood Terrace/Blighs Lane areas who face  similar a situation to ourselves.

We fully support your right to be consulted about developments that will affect your homes.

We also wish to extend our support to communities everywhere who face similar challenges.

The GCRG wish to give our thanks to those who have supported and still do support our campaign.

A special thanks to John Thompson and the Community Planning Initiative for their unyielding support & dedication.

We'd like to thank the 32CSM who have been consistent with their support for our community, your help and support is and has been very welcome. Thank you.

Thanks to Eamonn McCann and The People Before Profit Alliance Derry - When few political figures would stand with residents and condemn what was going on because they were complicit to it you stood with us and still do, When the media would not give fair coverage, you did through your column, and for that you have our full support, thank you.

Thank you to the RSM for logistical support in helping print leaflets and for spreading the truth about what was happening in Galliagh.

Sarah Brett of BBC Radio Foyle for honest journalism & professionalism, thank you.

Pat Ramsey  & Mark Durkan for stepping up to the plate it's good to have your support, it's brought a new dynamic. Wheels are in motion!

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